Uh oh! Someone’s looking pensive!

Crazy news this week! Bird Boy has been nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Webcomic! :O It was always my secret dream to be nominated for the Eisners but I never thought it would be anything more than a dream! Now I’m trying to make feverish plans to get down to San Diego this summer so I can attend the ceremony and party with all the other amazingly talented nominees.

Voting for the awards happens online, and if you’re a comics professional you can be a part of it! The ballot is located here: http://www.eisnervote.com/

Enjoy the page and see you next week!

Edit: One more thing, the ARCHIVES ARE BACK!!! This was in the plans for a little while now but I just got to it now. Sorry for the back and forth on this. Some stuff happened and now I’m able to have them up again. I’m also sorry unfortunately because none of the comments (both mine and from readers) survived the change ;___; But now at least you can read the whole darn story right?!