Aaaand we’re back!

Last week I was in the Illustration Master Class up at Amherst College! It’s a lot of fun and a really great program for artists. Unfortunately most of May was preparing for both that and working on some freelance projects which is why I’m a bit late here, but that’s life!

Just to give you guys a heads up: After the end of Volume I I will be taking a break from updating pages for the rest of the summer! I will be writing, laying out, and beginning Volume II! Volume II will begin updating on September 5th! This has been a very, very, very planned out work period for me so I’m excited to get started. But am I going to disappear into my comic making den for all that time? No! You can follow along with frequent updates, concepts, making of videos, etc, by donating 2 or more dollars to the Bird Boy Patreon Page! I will be updating all summer and there is even a donation tier to view finished Volume II pages before September 5!


Enjoy the page and see you next week!