It’s been so long since we’ve had another character in the comic that wasn’t a beast of some sort. I’ve been really excited to get to this guy!

Hey all! Last week I talked a bit about updating the PATREON page with some new rewards! For those who don’t know, patreon is a site where you can pledge a small recurring donation every time I finish a Bird Boy page! You can set the amount of times each month the donation recurs and in return you are rewarded with exclusive Bird Boy content!

Well, I did update the page! Here are some of the new reward tiers:

If you pledge 10 cents per comic update, I’ll let you in to an exclusive feed of art for my new comic project, Banquet. It’s also the only place online for the foreseeable future that I’ll be uploaded the finished story pages for that new project.

Pledge $1 per comic update, and you get in to the feed that gives you Bird Boy sketches, concept art and previews!

Pledge $2 per update and you get the next Bird Boy page on TUESDAYS instead of waiting all the way till the end of the week!

Aaand pledge $5 and get to read the entire backlog of Bird Boy pages I have finished to date!

I hope there’s something here that’ll interest all of you. If not, no worries, Bird Boy will still update here on the site as usual!

If you want to take a look at the Patreon page and consider making a small pledge, you can do so here:

Thanks guys, and see ya next week!